Rubens Picking Up Steam.

These days I have to base much of my political opinions on what I see in my local area. Which is the economically challenged North Country. Notice that I say challenged instead of 'depressed' I think places like St. Johnsbury and White River Jct. Vermont qualify as depressed.

And what I'm seeing in the race for U.S. Senate is that Rubens is the only candidate of the four that is actually spending time here and courting endorsements and votes. The Race For U.S. Senate Between Rubens and Scott Brown Could Look Like This.


I've made the prediction that if Rubens can run a grassroots based campaign and quietly pick up votes with selective campaigning-- in the end this will amt. to greater votes garners v. the establishment, blanket, mass market appeal of assumed front runner Scott Brown. If this were a two man race right now I think Rubens could very well secure the Republican nomination to square off against Sen. Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen. While I'm still on this idea I think Rubens also made another good move by not devoting too many resources going after the Veteran's vote when they are obviously going elsewhere. They are a bloc but not the deciding bloc...

But it isn't a two man race. Depending on how this analysis goes Bob Smith and Karen Testerman are still both in. I'm not an analyst, I think Testerman is too underfunded to mount an effective campaign while Bob Smith is trying to sell a box of oranges to a group of freezing Eskimos. The eskimos might need that vitamin C but it's going to be tough to convince them of this, especially when Scott Brown is handing them pizza basically for free.

It would be an interesting conversation to somehow convince Testerman and Smith to drop out of this Senate Primary to give a Rubens a clear shot at the nomination.

Another tough sell...