Havenstein Critique.

I don't know much about Gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein.

I'm watching the interview on WMUR where James Pindell on the effectiveness of "the rollout." The rollout meaning his launch for this office. Inasmuch as I don't approve what Gov. Hassan is doing I think Mr. Havenstein needs to work on some things.

One is what he would do as Governor of New Hampshire?

I'm still watching this. From what Mr. Havenstein is saying, I'd say he is targeting an older, mature voting audience say retirees or well established families this instead of the younger crowd. Generation X, Y etc.

Havenstein does a good job describing "the New Hampshire advantage." and how well democracy works here. I'm not liking this interview Pindell is asking about tourism. "A broader view of economic development."-Havenstein says. It's a worthy idea and one that Gov. Hassan isn't doing.

Next the candidate is asked about a $175 million budget deficit. Basically he does the talking points that any good CEO would use about spending and expenses but exactly this would be employed in the Granite State isn't answered.

It's early on in the campaign season Havenstein is a new candidate. But if this campaign wants to defeat Gov. Maggie Hassan come November they better get on a learning curve that includes political presentations that resonate and they'd better get on this sooner rather than later.