Role Of Militias.

I'm looking at this UTUBE at the clashes between protesters and riot police in the Ukraine. I'm surprised this hasn't spiraled into greater violence on both sides.

And for some reason as I'm looking at the protesters hurl Molotov cocktails and throw rocks couldn't help but think about the Bundy standoff (if it could be called that) in Nevada.

The circumstances are vastly different but a question that I think warrants a comparison. And my question is: What is the difference between a militia and an insurgency? I'd have to say that an insurgency would be much more organized, politically motivated and most importantly, financed.

From what I've seen I don't like militias. These are individuals that are carrying guns with varying degrees of training with the weapons they're handling and I'm skeptical that they have much knowledge, unlike an organized insurgency or reasoning for doing what they're doing.

Basically, a recipe for disaster....

I haven't studied the Bundy standoff in Nevada but I'd be curious to see exactly what kind of business or financial plan Mr. Bundy uses on his ranch that he claims fee simple ownership of. I think if the money were followed here it might reveal some interesting dynamics to what is really happening in this area of Nevada.

Meanwhile he surrounds himself with a Militia some of which is reportedly from New Hampshire.