To Stand Against Exactly What?

This is more or less a continuation blog from my earlier post related to Militias. I've been looking at various websites trying to learn what I can about the Nevada ranch situation.

Websites ranging from CNN to "Patriot Action Network." Different angles for sure but I'm still not finding any financial information in support of or against either side. Whether this is Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) or the Bundy Ranch itself. Of course I'm finding lots of materials about constitutional rights and individual liberty which are important but I think factual information is important as well. I'd question what exactly is the role of a Militia?


I'd still question exactly what their role is here. Especially some of ones holding high powered rifles on an interstate highway overpass. Militia Information From Patriot Action Network

Wouldn't it seem logical that if Mr. Bundy has a claim to this land area for cattle ranching that he could file and appeal in Clark County Superior Court or even be working with various elected officials on this claim?

At the very least Mr. Bundy and their supporters could do a better job with getting information out about exactly what their plans are other than holding guns in the middle of desert like area.