NH GOP Disorganization.

Believe it or not this isn't a sour grapes blog. It isn't a sour grapes blog because I'm not the moving party here. The New Hampshire GOP based in Concord is the moving party and I'm simply reporting on my experience. The NH GOP Seems Very Disorganized. Is This A Way To Run A Business?

So I spent part of the morning working on various errands including going to Home Depot to get a 1/2" screw, bolt and washer for a riding lawn-mower, it was a real adventure finding this but I did as an ad for this retail chain blared over the loudspeaker: "getting more done that's the power of the Home Depot." So as I'm looking for my .59 cent items I'm thinking: "It's too bad NH politicians couldn't have a strategy like this, or at least getting more things done." So I find my items to a great feeling to content at winning at least a small battle; and I return to my vehicle to discover a voice mail from I believe from a Todd Ewing from the NH GOP in response to my call from yesterday morning at about 0900.

It's been 24 hours but at least a return phone call is a good thing.

So I'm at home now returning a call to Mr. Ewing and they pick up: "This is the NH Republican State Committee." they respond. I ask for Mr. Ewing then he asked "and who am I speaking?" So then he puts me on hold where I wait for at least three minutes then he comes back: "he's on another line, he'll call you right back."

That was an hour ago... But let's move on.I Think Disorganization Will Translate Into Some Real Consequences Come Election Time.

Now I'm looking at the Republican State Committee 'Town Chairs' on their own website. And I'm having the instantaneous thoughts: How many of these town chairs are actually doing organizational work for the GOP especially with the upcoming elections? Everything from voter assistance to fundraising. I'm looking at the towns near my area most don't even have a 'Town Chair.'

This is simply my observation(s). It would seem to me that the NH GOP is spending the lion's share of its time and resources on candidates like Scott Brown and all the media hoopla that comes with this candidacy. Meanwhile, everything else is left to drift to chance.

Is the NH GOP an example of organization or disorganization?