To Cut And Run.

The 22% gas tax increase hasn't hit the pumps yet. It should be quite interesting to see what the reaction is when it does. Of course it will have political ramifications, it's going to cause something. But the depth to what it will cause remains to be seen. This 22% Gas Tax Increase Will Cause Something. This Is For Sure.

Today I heard on the radio the folksy radio advertisement for Sen. Jeff Woodburn whom I'm assuming is running for re-election. Sen. Woodburn was an upfront supporter of this gas tax increase and I'm now wondering if he gets cut with the knife as other politicians will. At this point I'd say yes and no.

Saying yes and no is this non comittal or what!!!!!

One of the questions that I was going to ask the NH Republican State Committee had they even bothered to call me back is if they have a candidate for State Senate District #1. I'm talking to as many people as I can about my own possible candidacy for Grafton County Commissioner District #2 and have as yet to hear of any candidate on the Republican side.

I think this is unfortunate but I've already said enough about the NH Republican State Committee.