Breaking 1800.

I'm really psyched today.

During the past 2 1/2 years I've been trying, completely unsuccessfully to break into a higher category of chess. Improvement of my game. There are lots of dynamics and strategy to this game and it's like any other sport or endeavor--to be good at it requires practice, study, more practice, more study, etc.

During the past two weeks I've been able to break out of the level that I've been at for eaons. 1750 and I've now won (online) at least 10 games at 1800 and higher, one of them was actually at 1850. Actually, I'm now decimating them. There Is A Parallel Between Chess And Politics

I've been reading alot of books written by chess Grandmasters and many of them all say the same theme: "get the most that you can out of every move that you make." But I still don't agree with this statement completely, I'm more of the belief that a strategy should be employed that has the ability to evolve into effective strategy over time, and at times this might involves both losses and sacrifices to achieve the end result which is victory.