Change Happens. Not Always Good.

Previously I had expressed my concern over what is happening to the commercial fisherman in New Hampshire and Maine. My blog, "Failing The Fishemen." levels an attack against elected officials and politicians.

Last night when I got out of work I spent a few hours researching seafood prices and market availability online and also visting two retailers of seafood: Shaw's and Hannaford.

My initial impression and belief is that Maine and New Hampshire is going to be similar to what happened in Wisconsin with it's cheese industry. These states are going to be net importers of seafood instead of the reverse. It will be cheaper to import fish from other climates say California and the Pacific Rim than it is to harvest fish on the Atlantic coast for sale in retail markets. The Commercial Fishing Industry In New Hampshire and Maine Is Headed For Change.

I'm simply looking at the costs of the seafood and it's production numbers. Transportation is a cost too however, if it costs $27.00 a ton to harvest Haddock in Maine and $17.00 a ton to harvest off the coast of Oregon then transporation doesn't become the same issue if tonnage can be sold to markets on the east coast of the U.S.

This is also before a discussion about taxes and what New Hampshire and Maine charge.

Hopefully Sen. Jeanne Shaheen won't have any more press releases explaining all that she is doing for the commercial fisherman.

It's too late to be having a discussion like this.