Fairness Of Tax Credits.

I started reading this article in the Caledonian Record Newspaper and had to stop. Later I thought about it and the reason was that it is the sheer frustration of it.

It was an article about the historic Balsam's Hotel and continuing efforts to save this property.

The latest effort from what little that I read is an effort supported by Sen. Jeff Woodburn to support the development of wind turbines on the ridge lines around the Balsams property and instead of increasing the value of the property for tax purposes the area would remain the same as it is now, for tax purposes. I stopped reading and I'm assuming the revenue from the wind farm(s) would be used to finance the reconstruction of the Balsams Hotel while they're not being assessed their full value of tax assessment. Tax Credits For Windfarms Is This Really Fair?

I'm far removed from the whole matter and I'm sure that this is only a piece of the whole issue.

But from what I'm reading I don't think this is fair at all. Regardless of it's historic status why is fair to abate property taxes and not do it for other projects in New Hampshire that create needed jobs?

It's almost like intervening in the laws of nature. Sure the mountain lions are in danger so let's kill off a few wolves so that the mountain lion will be able to go down to the farm and eat a few cows without any competition.