26 Days. The Decision.

WMUR political reporter Pindell is reporting that the filing period for elected state office opens in 26 days for the November 2014 elections.

I'm going the cite the issue, where I'm at on the issue and let the next 26 days take care of itself.

And the issue is this: I'm not content with the appointed replacement for Grafton County Commissioner Ray Burton. It's true I was one of the 14 applicants for this position which was ultimately given to Rep. Linda Lauer of Bath, NH. And the next part will be derogatory: Commissioner Laurer is a retiree. There are enough retirees in elected office and it's clear to me that Commissioner Laurer isn't interested in doing anything differently, innovative, imaginative, entrepreneurial or outside of a box with well established sides.

Take that as you want. This is my perception of what Commissioner Laurer is.

I think Grafton County District #2 needs better leadership than what Commissioner Laurer has to offer.

This being said during the next 26 days I hope to hear of a candidate that comes forward that has actual plans to do something positive and proactive for the towns of Grafton County District #2. And I'm talking about issues ranging from Grafton County Farm food production to expanding overall taxbase.

If I don't hear of a viable, good candidate for this elected office then I'm in this race as an independent.

I'm choosing to run as an independent because I don't like the establishment direction of the state Republican Party, it's financial status and more importantly as a candidate I won't be labeled or expected to adhere to current Republican principles: some of which are horribly flawed.

I'll do like Ray Burton did. "Take nothing for granted and go out and earn every vote."

It's going to be an interesting 26 days.