Don't Rat People Out.

Like I've said and will likely continue to say, it seems that I awake each day to learn something is wrong and its basis and reason is politically based. And I don't know what is worse for me: to have knowledge of what is going on or having a sense of powerlessness to do anything about it.

Perhaps ignorance can be bliss.  Let's move on.

Some days I ago I reported on a story that appeared in the Caledonian Record newspaper about efforts of my local State Representative Brad Bailey to possibly introduce legislation creating a "tax free zone" up here in the economically challenged North Country.

How could anyone be against this idea?

But of course reality has to start seeping in. So I sent an e-mail to the reporter, Robert Blechtl of my concerns about this article and idea including the fact that the N.H. State Constitution doesn't allow the: "creation of tax free zones, or local money given to private corporations."

It doesn't matter how quality the idea may be this is good law in New Hampshire.

By this time I had hoped to have received a response from Mr. Blechtl about what he wrote and his rationale for this, essentially his responsibility as a writer.

No response.

I'm really unhappy about this. My first idea was to contact him directly or even have a conversation with his editor over in St. Johnsbury, Vermont as to why this was written....

Screw it.

I'm going to rat anybody out. I'm also thinking about the statement: "don't criticize others for problems that you aren't willing to fix yourself."

I am willing to fix it myself, and if I were a policymaker I'd do just that. My first moves would be to fire DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose followed by about 1/3 or the staff at Pembroke Road, then I'd reduce funding and restructure regional planning to reflect what the actual needs of the state are and they aren't 'Granite State Futures.'

Think positive growth and needed job creation.

But I'm not a policymaker, actually the lady wearing flip flops taking out the morning garbage has more political power in NH than I do, and I accept this and will keep my mouth shut.