Learning From The Loss.

What a difference a day can make!

Just finished playing five games of chess at the 1830 level and I lost all five, actually by the time I got to the fifth it was a bloodbath, I had basically lost the game in about nine moves. Thinking about it now, the losses here are not unexpected I'm attempting to move up in a new, higher level and playing more advanced and experienced players. And I'm learning from my mistakes and losses. Just as I did when I was a 1700 level player.

I think intelligent people learn from their mistakes while less intelligent people continue to make mistakes and don't learn from them. Lost Five Chess Games. I'm Learning From My Mistakes.

A case in point here is U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens. This is a candidate that has won and lost elections whether this is Senate District #5 or a failed bid to be Governor. Rubens has done some things right in politics and he has done some things wrong, I'll term them mistakes.

Has Rubens learned from his mistakes?

My perception and looking this morning at the political campaigns his opponents of: Scott Brown, Bob Smith and Karen Testerman is that Ruben's hasn't learned anything and he'll simply add another loss to his portfolio of losses.

So how do I arrive at this statement?

Name recognition for one and how exactly is Rubens any different than Scott Brown on the important issues of the day, Scott Brown already has the edge and the financial backing so if Rubens can't either undermine or change the tempo of the primary it is kind of stupid to run a political campaign--don't you think?

For example: Ruben's recently made a campaign swing up here in the North Country, I don't think he even got any press coverage I'm sure reporters like the Caledonian Record Newspaper did follow him, like the tour of the Littleton Coin Company but did he have anything of substance to really say? Why bother reporting on 'talking points.'

And I'm not leveling this attack simply on Rubens, the other candidates have their flaws as well. I'm starting to think the Bob Smith campaign is nothing more than a tax write off or something to do to get out of Florida for the summer. While Karen Testerman is trying to win the NASCAR Sylvania 500 at Loudon running a Cushman golf cart.

Sure the North Country isn't the groundswell of political power, money and votes but it's still something candidate Rubens knows this. But similar to his campaign for Governor he hasn't learned.