My Priyome

Quite a few ideas to go through in this blog. Since my last blog I've started reading the 2013 book, Stalingrad by David Glanz. It's a great read and is giving me some definite insight and direction about the Grafton County Commissioner District #2 political race.

A Priyome.Priyome-Manuver in Chess. It's a major half-turn dependent on pawn structure (infantry). This is a shot of the summer palace at St. Petersburg. This city is also called Lenningrad which was renamed by the Bolsheviks.

I'm only the first three chapters it's 1942 and the German military state and its allies are attempting to reverse it's initial setbacks from the previous year, namely the failure to capture either Moscow or Leningrad. The strategic direction is now in the southern regions of the Soviet Union including the capture of vital oil fields in what is known today the country of Azerbaijan.

Also since I've last posted, a Steven Whitney of Bath has entered into the Grafton County Commissioner race for District #2 filing as a Republican. I haven't checked the filings for today but assuming the incumbent Commissioner Laura Laurer is the Democrat then this turns into exactly to what I've predicted a three person race, a 33.4% race.

And what I'm terming a priyome political race and a race that at this point that I can't prevail.

Very similar to a military campaign in the Soviet Union my campaign would be a logistical nightmare. Somehow I'd have to gather 150 signatures, submit for certification to the town clerk(s) and then file with the Secretary of State. Then if I accomplish this I'd have to square off against two candidates that are both capable of being a Grafton County Commissioner; plus both will have the advantage of political party membership, (Laurer much moreso than Whitney.) This is even before a discussion of tactics and campaign finance is even on the table.

History can and does repeat itself.