What Matters Most.

"The difference between you and a master is not his deeper opening knowledge. It is not his endgame skill. Or his ability to calculate further. The biggest difference is that he knows what he wants."

-Andrew Soltis, What It Takes To Become A Grandmaster. (Chess).

The same argument holds for NH politics as well. To be successful you have to know what you want.

A scene today I think clearly demonstrates this. It's the start of Motorcycle week in Laconia which is a big deal. In any case Gov. Hassan is featured at the opening ceremonies doing a very good smiling Gov. Lynch impression. And one of the "ideas" that was brought up is to have a specialized NH license plate commemorating Motorcycle Week. Think Gov. Hassan responded to this request by saying, "this is hard."

And then to my great surprise Executive Councilor Joe Kenney quickly added, "I'm working on it."

Interesting as I'm now thinking that either Councilor Kenney is interested in specialized license plates or he running his re-election campaign on the coattails of one Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan.

I'd say Councilor Kenney knows exactly what he wants.