Free Staters Like Cossacks?

I'll state it upfront my knowledge of the NH Free State Movement is limited to press coverage and materials that exist on UTUBE. I'd term much of what they do insurrectionist, political and means that seem to be unclear, at least to me they are unclear and I'm standing on the outside.

In any case I'm still reading a great book "To The Gates Of Stalingrad" by David M. Glanz as you might imagine it filled with all sorts of military, strategy and very good descriptions of the decsions that evolved through the course of this titanic battle. I'm right to the point where the German 6th Army is approaching the Don River and the decision(s) to establish bridgeheads into the city of Stalingrad. And this quote jumps out:

"Many of the Don Cossacks who occupied this region seemed more willing to aid the German invaders than the Great Russian oppressors. Cossacks often welcomed the Germans and, in some instances, enlisted as auxillary troops. Thus the approaches to Stalingrad were not as inhospitable to the Germans as Moscow might have wished." Cossacks Are An Influence If Not Political Power. Is The NH Free State Movement Similar To Cossacks?

My interpetation is that these Cossacks were simply selling their services to the highest bidder. The Cossacks really aren't part of an established or organized political subdivision, though they did engage in politics themselves namely, opposition to Josef Stalin and the whole Bolshevik regime in Moscow.

Let's go back to the NH Free State Movement and it's subsidiaries and/or affiliations like Free Keene and Cop Block.

Are these groups like Cossacks that exist on the land and when the major battle forms up simply sell their services to the highest bidder?