Gov. Hassan Trade Mission.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more political"pushback"against the spin that was generated by the Gov. Hassan and DRED cabal for their trip to Turkey calling it a "trade mission."

I especially liked the interview with the CEO of the motor-bike company talking about how much of an opportunity this is for his company. The State of New Hampshire is now constructing hundreds of miles of ATV roads up in Berlin on state owned land. And I mean hundreds of miles. I'm even reading that there are also plans to construct a 4+4 off-road area as a part of this.

Have any of you ever heard of this motor-bike company? Wouldn't it seem logical that a NH based motor-bike company would want to increase sales and market area in New Hampshire before venturing overseas?

If Gov. Hassan were really serious about a "NH Trade Mission to Turkey." they would have been able to produce some tangible results about what is going to be happening on this trade mission and more importantly, why they selected Turkey.

Notice they haven't said anything about that.