Susan The Deception.

Deception is an interesting word. Something that decives, trickery, subterfuge.

Today I found an example of a "good deception." Enter one Susan The Bruce and her recent blog about the world's most plentiful and needed resource water.

And in the interests of time (yours) I'll skip right to the chase. Nestle and it's ownership of Poland Springs Water want or propose through contract to pay the Town of Fryeburg, Maine some $12,500.00 a month in addition to fees, for the right to extract water from the town. Both Nestle and Poland Springs Water are major marketers of water in a variety of powerful global based markets. I haven't seen the actual contract but I believe the terms are for 25 years including early termination clauses for issues like non-performance (payment) or if Fryeburg, Maine were to become short on water. I think Fryeburg, Maine should accept this contract. Water being loaded at Fryeburg, Maine. Susan The Bruce Doesn't Like Capitalism

According to this and what I'm terming a "deception." is this Susan The Bruce who types away statements like this: "Nestle's profit on water sales in 2009 was upwards of $4.2 billion." Then she continues on, "Something is wrong with all of this, and will most certainly be to the detriment to the Town of Fryeburg and area water users."

Freedom of speech is one thing. Creating a deception is yet another.

I tried to question Susan The Bruce and statements like this and instead of answering my question(s) she slings a rash of insults my way ranging from white supremacy to the effective use of grammar. This ain't an English class and not once did Ms. Bruce attempt to answer my question(s) of substance.

Freedom of speech is one thing. Creating a deception is yet another. 

In this case the town of Fryeburg, Maine could lose out on $3,750,000.00 plus interest and fees because one liberal based blogger who couldn't hack it as a real writer doesn't like the idea of capitalism.

And that NHInsiders is it in nutshell.