Filing On Friday.

Tomorrow morning I believe that I'll arrive at the decision as to whether to run for the Grafton County Commissioner in District #2.

I'll start out by saying that the NH Republican State Committee did finally get back to me and the conversation went like this:

1. Good luck with your campaign.

2. No candidates have expressed any interest in running for this seat.

I'm finding statement #2 to be almost unbelievable and I stated this to the NH Republican State Committee. When this seat was open to be appointed 14 signed up and at least seven of these applicants were/are registered Republicans.

And none of these candidates have expressed an interest to the Republican State Committee?

I'm still in the process of gathering information what political sources that I have, my sources have encouraged me to run for this political office. Tomorrow morning I should be getting some further insight into this race and what may or may not be happening.

Depending on what happens here I may be driving down the Secretary of State's Office.