Is Cryans Hedging His Bets?

Of course I'm watching the Secretary of State's website to see who has filed to run for office in New Hampshire.

One jumped out. Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans from District #1 has filed to re-election to this office and he has filed to run for Executive Council District #1.

Assuming Republican Joe Kenney runs for re-election then this turns into a re-match of candidates for the special election. What I'm thinking is unusual here is how Cyans would be able to manage the workload of both offices if he gets elected to both. Sure Executive Councilor Ray Burton was also a Grafton County Commissioner but how much experience did Ray Burton have in Concord before he ever ran for Grafton County Commissioner?

The answer is substantial experience.

Cryans doesn't have this experience regardless of how much Democratic machinery he may have behind him.

Perhaps in some way this is an admission that he may not win this Executive Council race? My perception of this is a career politician that wants to stay in power. And there are already enough of these around.