The Race To Review.

Very recently I ended up stumbled upon three recently written books by another of my favorite authors, David Glantz. In any case he is a writer/historian that does alot of work and research into World War II but unlike alot of historians he brings the reader literally into the front lines. It's one thing to study history and "what happened"it's another to physically be there. Glantz similar to author Paul Roberts "The End Of Oil." does this which I think makes for a really good book.

So in addition to everything else I'll be doing some reading...

Of course before ordering the book I started looking around at various reviews of these books, and to my great surprise discovered they haven't been reviewed yet, or at least not on So I'm thinking: how cool is this I can read a really good book and be the first to review it.

Not a huge big deal here but it's something.