To Defeat The English.

I'll be reporting later on about my progress and intentions relative to the possibility of running for Grafton County Commissioner in District #2. Lots of interesting dynamics.

In any case last night at my weekly chess club I defeated one of the oldest chess strategies known.

The English. I defeated an English Chess Strategy. Chess Is Like Politics

I'm really psyched about this!!! I don't like the English at all. It's very old has a very good success rate, especially in tournaments and it basically is about controlling the outcome of the game in the first 15-20 moves. The English is very regimented and rules based. It also relies upon generous use of firepower especially in attacking in the center.

I defeated this by playing for time and taking a small amt. of risk and ultimately forcing my opponent to make a decision(s). His firepower and queen attacks were really overwhelming and impressive, my opening moves were weak (they usually are) so this left me with the strategy to hopefully find an exposed flank.

And I did. I'd say my overall strategy would likely resemble the Sicilian or the French.