Declaration Of Candidacy.

An update of my status:

Today after a great meeting that I had with one of my blog readers, Mr. H Brown I went down to the Secretary of State's office to make the final decision as to whether to run for Grafton County Commissioner for District #2. And more importantly, exactly how to run for Grafton County Commissioner for District #2.

Let me explain: My two choices were to run as an independent or seek the Republican nomination for this office. My preference is to be an independent as this was/is closer to my philosophy and what I hope to bring to this office if elected, this decision is also based on my prior experience as a Republican in the NH House from 1994-1998.

But before I made my decision I wanted to find out if anyone had filed as a Republican. And to my complete amazement as of Friday, June 6th at 1530 hours no Republicans have filed for the elections to be Grafton County Commissioner for District #2.

I'll say this again. 14 people signed up to be appointed to this seat seven of which were/are registered Republicans and not a single Republican has declared a candidacy for this office.... Let's move on.

I'll be honest I very briefly considered running as a Republican since no one filed, and the way the races are structured the bar is a little bit lower than what I'm going have to do. But I ended up filing to my original plan: to run for this office as an independent. And the bar is set higher. And after giving it a great deal of thought I believe this is for the best. Best for the voters who decide and best for the candidate to demostrate whether I'm really committed and capable of serving in this office.  

So here it is: For starters to be an "official candidate" as an independent  I have to submit 150 names of registered voters in the district by August 6th to the Supervisors of the Checklist in the towns/cities of where the voters are registered the voters can be from any political party. For example if I get 75 voters from Lincoln and 60 voters from Littleton and 20 voters from Haverhill then I get signatures and I'm all set! I get the nomination to be an independent all the way to the November election.

Is getting 150 names of registered voters throughout the district a challenge? Of course it is!

But if I can't hit the bricks and get 150 voters interested in what I'm offering by August 6th then I shouldn't be running for this political office in the first place.

This is my thinking.