Politics Of Parking.

Today I spent some of the day in the NH Statehouse Complex doing what else... politics.

In any case being there brought back memories from my two terms in the NH House of Representatives 1994-1998. And I'm going to be writing about some of these thoughts in my next blogs. It's interesting how some things change yet others remain almost the same.

One of the first things I ever learned after being elected to the NH House is how legislative parking works. It's status, it's importance and the sheer power that it commands and what legislators will do to get it. And all kinds of things are done, and yes those type of things are done as well. All for a coveted parking space.

Then there is the other type of parking. Parking that is acquired using things like diplomacy, respect and negotiation. I'll let you use your own judgement as to which is the better means to use to get a good place to park your vehicle.

Let's move on to a specific scenario, and get ready for a quiz.

In the rear of the Statehouse on the corner is a spot "Reserved for Governor." And it's right by the rear door of the Statehouse. Of course the Governor gets a coveted spot. This is Governor.

Now let's move on. There are other nearby spots like "Senate Majority Leader." and right around the corner is a blue sign "Reserved For Executive Council." Now here is the quiz: How did the Executive Council recieve this particluar parking spot (near the Governor)? The Politics Of Parking Is An Insight Into How Politics Really Works.

If you answer because the Executive Council is near the stature of the Governor and thereby entitled to the parking space then you would be wrong in your assumption.

Here is a hint about how this works: And I know this from the first person position. Who really owns this parking space and makes the decision about who can park and put signs there?

I'll answer this question in my next blog: Room 100 Politics.