Room 100 Politics.

Let's start with the answer to the quiz:

The City of Concord owns all the parking spaces on all the streets including the spaces adjacent to the Statehouse. It's my understanding that the NH House of Representatives is able to bag so many meters because of all the real estate that has been purchased from the City of Concord through the years. A prime example here is the Storrs Street Garage and the lot near the LOB, itself once a U.S. Post Office and later after being damaged by fire storage for the city. So the NH House and Senate have acquired certain parking spaces due to real estate deals that have been done.

The Executive Council though near in stature to the Governor isn't afforded the same parking privleges that were done by the NH House. Actually they had to negotiate individually with the Concord City Council and the Mayor to get that "Reserved Parking For Executive Council." that is there today. Executive Councilor Ray Burton told me that it took him "about a year" to negotiate with the Concord City Council for this space. At the time they didn't want to lose any more meter revenue then they had already given away. But it finally came together. And while Ray is telling me this story, about the same time Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin stormed into the Concord City Council essentially demanding that other Executive Councilors be given parking spaces immediately. Well, the City Council rejected this idea immediately and I guess Griffin stormed out as quickly as she entered.

I don't know how the Governor was authorized the space that is assigned.

I'll have to do Room 100 politics in another blog.