A 33.4% Race.

I'm spending some time with the NH Redbook looking at voter statistics for Grafton County Commissioner races. Today, I picked up a piece of information that I'm finding most intriguing.

I've already reported that I've filed a 'Declaration of Candidacy.' to run as an independent for Grafton County Commissioner for District #2. And assuming that I'm a candidate with the needed 150 voters signed turns this race into a 33.4% race also assuming that there are Democratic and Republican candidates for this office, which there will be.

It now looks like I'm not the only 33.4% candidate in Grafton County. I've learned this morning that in County Commissioner District #3 which is the Plymouth, Rumney, Hebron, Holderness and surrounding areas an Mr. Alan Monica from Wentworth has also filed a 'Declaration of Candidacy.' to run as an independent. He'll be running against Democratic Commissioner incumbent Martha Richards and Republican declared candidate Paul Simard.

Now let's jump ahead and do a big substantial "what if." 

What if the politics come into perfect alignment and myself and Mr. Monica secure 33.4% of the votes in our respective districts in the November elections.  

Two out of the three Grafton County Commissioners would be independents. I think this is a cool idea...