Room 100 Politics-The Story.

I think that I'm like alot of other people in believing that spending some $69,000.00 to replace a door at Statehouse Room 100 is too expensive and this regardless of it's reasoning or rationale.

When I was in the Statehouse yesterday I was remembering Room 100 I think this area likely qualifies as one of the most "historic areas" in the whole complex. Room 100 sans the light looks very similar to this. Its a very historic part of the NH Statehouse.

Room 100 has had a number of purposes. When I was elected in 1994 it was the Committee Room for the all powerful Finance Committee. Rep. Channing Brown was the Chairman. I testified there a number of times all of which well unlike what the Senate does in their committee hearings, which in my experience all went badly.

During my second term newly elected Speaker Donna Sytek turned Room 100 into the "House Reading Room." I believe this was it's original purpose in the statehouse. I never checked the fact but I believe some of the books in the cases over the catwalk area actually left over from the King of England days or even Gov. Wentworth days of New Hampshire.

I still think $69,000.00 is too much to spend on replacing the doors to this historic room.

Wonder how many bids they actually got for the work?