Box Fans Blow The Political Heat.

Last night I got out of the retail saltmine and had to make some choices quickly as both were starting in less than 20 minutes. I'm rushing out to my Subaru Legacy my mind awash: "what to do, what to do." And my choices were: Sen. Bob Smith appearence in Plymouth. This campaign looks like its out of alignment.

Go to a nearly new Air Conditioned public library with comfortable seating, a really cool modern art exhibit on the walls and a local chess club that had a guest grand master in attendance from Boston (owns a condo in Waterville Valley) who was willing to critique games for player improvement.


Go to Plymouth High School. No air conditioning,( but they did have some box fans.) Sit on some hard folding chairs near the cafeteria and listen to former U.S. Senator Bob Smith talk about his campaign for U.S. Senate. From what I've read that part of the agenda was to open the floor to questions from the audience that did not have to be screened before hand. It is certainly good for the former U.S. Senator to do this. I was thinking about asking the former U.S. Senator about foreign trade agreements and the pending legislation and agreement with the EU and how New Hampshire might take advantage of this?

I made my choice.

Previously, I had reported on my own political finding(s) in New Hampshire. That most people if not all people sans a few politicos and political campaigns are pleased at the way New Hampshire is running. I'm not a part of this demographic but this is the reality.

I'm sure the next elections are going to bear out what I'm saying too. Think Gov. Hassan being re-elected by a 61.5% margin.If the Republican Party this state can't do better than box fans and stale cheese then they deserve exactly what they are going to get.

I ended up playing the Catalan opening. It fantastic, it's tactical, it's sophisticated, contrarian (I think) but can be ineffective against more traditional players that are schooled in the London System and openings like the English; especially if the opponet is disciplined in their approach. At least this is what I've been told. The same is true in NH politics, and the next election will bear this out as well.