Getting A Lock On It.

The primary is some weeks away but yet some of the politicos like on WMUR are stating, inferring or suggesting that incumbent Gov. Maggie Hassan almost has a lock on being re-elected to the corner office.

I'd definately agree with this.

Again, I've previously reported through my own direct experience that most people are: "Content with the way things are running in New Hampshire." Running against any incumbent is always a challenging proposition but even more difficult if the incumbent can't be pinned with anything that has gone wrong.

What exactly has gone wrong in New Hampshire? A Lock On The Election? What are her opponents doing to defeat her campaign? And do NH voters even care?

The increase in the gas tax is now in effect, gas prices have now gone up. I paid $3.68 a gallon today actually this is up from $3.57 about two weeks ago. I'm paying higher taxes, and what I'd term the 'tourist premium'as the gas marketers know that summer tourists are here and will pay more.

If NH Gubernatorial candidates were going to catch political traction on anything wouldn't you think it would be on something like increasing (gas) taxes? I have as yet to hear of anyone complaining about higher gas taxes in New Hampshire.

I also think there are enough weaknesses in both the GOP Haverstein and Hemingway campaigns. Ranging from "flip flop"statements on UTUBE to having some actual experience running a large organization like state government. Hemingway for example calls himself an "entrepreneur."It takes more than mastery of twitter feeds and "likes"on Facebook to be able to demonstrate this leadership.