The Taxes Will Be Paid.

Is it just me or is a continuing theme that exists in the political realm that something needs to be done with the tax code in this country. It seems like every politician of stripe, color and party has something to say about this yet, from the reality standpoint what is actually being done? Politicians Like Sen. Rand Paul have talked about changing the tax code but have they actually done it? And will they do it?

Previously, I had reported about Portsmouth, NH based Cate Street Capital and it's ownership of paper mills in Maine and New Hampshire and some of this issues it faces with the payment of delinquent local property taxes. I found this UTUBE video of another paper mill in Vancouver, British Columbia that faces exactly the same issue and politics that exists in this area of the world.

They want the money.

Consider the candidates for New Hampshire Governor. Incumbent Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan, Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway. All of the them have stated that they support creating and retaining jobs in New Hampshire but the tax code still very much exists and what exactly do they propose to do about it?

I think it's only going to get worse. The state politicians will focus of ribbon cutting, jobs and grant applications to create these jobs while the state infrastructure and bureaucracy will implement a complicated 'Value Added Tax' and simply make the code more complicated than it is now.