Cryans Is Back.

I'm at the saltmine today and on the table in breakroom is a copy of the Laconia Citizen. Actually, this isn't a half bad newspaper covering the issues in mainly Laconia and Belmont. I've been somewhat following the push and pull of the million dollar jail megaplex proposed for Belknap County. They certainly need a new facility, but the hit on the local taxbase....  And I mean a hit....

Anyone who thinks anything associated with politics is an easy business had better be thinking about this statement. It's been a long, hot, frustrating day for me so let's move on to the real point of this thread.

I'm reading the Laconia Citizen and there is a poltical section about Executive Council District # 1 candidate Mike Cryans who also incidently and politically, is running for re-election to be Grafton County Commissioner for District #3 which is the Hanover-Lebanon area. And as you might imagine the article is quite complimentary about Cryans and his second attempt to convince the voters as to why he should be an Executive Councilor for District #1. I'm reading on hoping (objectively) that the article would move into the substance of what it is to be an Executive Councilor from this area of New Hampshire, and this entails alot. Another Attempt For Mike Cryans For Executive Council.

The article didn't do this. Similar to listening to Laura Knoy on NHPR after three paragraphs in the Citizen I had to stop, there just wasn't anything except for Cryans:  I,I,I, and Me,Me,Me, and "I'm like Ray Burton." then more I,I,I and: "my wife wants me to run for this office again."

I've only met candidate Cryans one time and he reminds me of a ruthless lawyer version of Joe Biden. Very personable, very interested in talking to you about your ideas but in the dimly lit background the reality is that this is a human being that can't be trusted.

Not only has the deal already been cut but your focking life is being held is collateral.

Did I also tell you that politics is a life or death business or as Ray Burton used to tell me many times:

"You live by the sword and you die by the sword."