Scott Brown Can Win.

I've just spent the last four days dealing with unpleasant, unhappy and frustrated people. It was quite a challenging experience, but somehow I survived.

This experience also gave me some insight believe it or not as to how Scott Brown can win the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate and possibly go on to defeat the incumbent Sen Jeanne Shaheen.

Watching the "herd" mentality in a retail envionment gave me alot of insight into how alot of voters are actually thinking, or not thinking depending on how the following question is considered:

Why would any NH voter not want to vote for Scott Brown in a Republican Primary? And Why Not? Where Is The Arguement That Scott Brown Would Not Be Effective?

-Is it because he is from Massachusetts? How many people will actually go to the polls and vote this as a reason? I don't think many at all. So far the only ones I've heard kicking, screaming and whining about this are all leftists and members of the Democratic establishment that want Sen. Shaheen.

- The Brown opponents grow weaker by the day. Sen. Rubens showed some initial promise, but I think his planks and campaign statement(s) show that he isn't listening to anyone except his paid consultants. This might work if the campaign was able to back the campaign with substantial ad buys-- this doesn't appear to be case. Lasty, with his position(s) has Rubens even given a Republican voter something to think about? I'm thinking themes that resonate about GOP core values? This leads to Sen. Bob Smith. To this point what exactly is he selling to the voters especially stacked up against the Brown campaign, that is now hitting all the demographic groups: veterans, grassroots, etc. In the minds of the NH Republican voter how much thought is going to go into this choice of candidate? It will come down to the ad buys 15 second promises.

Of which Scott Brown has these other two candidates already well defeated.

I wish the voters would do some more "due dilligence" and research into the candidates and actually demand more from these same candidates before committing to the actual vote. They don't. And this is only going to get worse, I think Facebook "likes" actually has more emphasis than a candidate appearing at an Old Home Day. This is regardless of what Scott Brown saying that he likes the "retail politics" of New Hampshire.

Save it for an article in Yankee Magazine.

I'm putting my bets on the 15 second ad buys.