Questions Trade Mission

This is a draft of a letter to the Editor that I'm working on to send to Caledonian Record newspaper. I think New Hampshire Business Review deserves alot of credit for doing the digging and asking the question(s) that they did to bring this issue to the light.

I hope that Gov. Hassan is held accountable. But time will tell.

To The Editor:

Recently, Gov. Maggie Hassan sponsored a trade mission to Turkey. It's purpose was to expand trade opportunity and jobs for New Hampshire.

Gov. Hassan's office stated that trade with Turkey had increased by as much as 22%, while the facts now show that this number was calculated by oil trains that move through NH from North Dakota enroute to refinery in St. John, New Brunswick.

Gov. Hassan flies over to Turkey at taxpayer expense, claiming a 22% increase in trade where there is no increase in trade. I'm sure Gov. Hassan talked passionately and tirelessly about 'innovation' and it's many advantages to the granite state.