Caliphate Cool.

This morning I'm reading the international news looking for updates as to how the western media is attempting to portray Russia's Vladimir Putin.

I think regardless of the media propaganda and fabrications Vladmir Putin still come out on top. My own speculation (emphasis added) is that it would be most interesting to find out if the surface to air missile used to down the Malaysian airliner were actually manufactured in China?

Politics is interesting like this.

Let's move on... 

I didn't find anything about (above) but a word captured my eye. I read that: "ISIS is trying to create a caliphate in Iraq."  I'm thinking what exactly is a caliphate? Is this a form of governance? Perhaps something very sophisticated, that possibly we should be doing here in New Hampshire?

Here it is: Creation of a Supreme Ruler: title taken by Mohammed's successors as secular and religious heads of Islam.

I'm not a supporter of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan and I'm not a supporter of Walt Haverstein either, and I don't think Andrew Hemingway is qualified for the position.

But I'll stop short that New Hampshire needs a caliphate.