Not Enough Strength.

As I've said in a previous post I'm experencing issues in trying to download photos onto this blog. I decided to make an attempt to download of a video to see what this leads and if it is the same result. It might be apples and oranges here in a troubleshooting guide but I've tried everything else I can think of.

Today, I read the really good article about Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway by Drew Cline in the Union Leader, what sticks out is the balance and Mr. Cline can see both the strengths and weakness of this candidate to serve in the state's highest elected office.

This is a UTUBE video from Granite Grok that shows Mr. Hemingway, and I think also demonstrates what Mr. Cline is talking about. I'll now add my own ideas and biases here. Mr. Hemingway has an excellent presentation on why the Gov. Maggie Hassan "innovation economy" really is an example of "Skittles and Rainbows." It's too bad that as a candidate that he couldn't just run with this against the power of expereince, organization and the incumbent advantages of Gov. Hassan re-election campaign.  

But he can't.

Then Hemingway says something I can't either follow or support, "That true liberty is found only through Christ." To me this evokes images of corrupt, lying Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart and all the other preechers quoting gospel. But many people actually do listen to these messages, donate substantial sums of money so perhaps Hemingway does have a valid basis here?

I'll close this out by attempting to post the video of candidate Hemingway below. I'm not a Gov. Hassan supporter but I'm still not willing to hold my breath or even hope that she can be defeated come November. It takes alot to run an effective political campaign in a race such as this.