Apathy Isn't The Norm.

Some weeks ago Richard Barnes had a good blog about apathy and to the effect, "what you can do to get involved." My take after reading this was that apathy is the prevalence and most people simply don't care about government and/or have a feeling of powerlessness towards the same which is also a form of apathy.

Over the past three weeks I've been considering a independent, 150 voter petition campaign for the office of Grafton County Commissioner for District #2. The deadline to have the petition(s) completed is August 8th. In any case, I'll have withdrawn (quit) the race by then if I was ever in a political race to begin with.

My reasons for this decision is the same as I've already stated: finance, competition and logistics. But I'm also pleased to report that during my time looking at this race that voter apathy, I think, is not a fair assessment of reality. Grafton County Commissioner, District #2 isn't statewide but I think is more or less representative of a non-metropolitan area of New Hampshire. And I've found that most people are not only knowledgeable about NH politics but are very engaged in what the issues are. For example, I tried discussing the Northern Pass proposal and rising county (3%) and gas taxes and how this affects things locally.

The response(s) that I received were an understanding of why these issues exist and why they are/were needed. Nobody likes a tax increase but everyone recognizes that costs do increase over time. I don't support either Northern Pass or an increase in the county or gas tax, but my position is in the complete minority here. Again, I found that most people understand government (including Grafton county government) and why the issues are evolving as they are.

I'll close this out by stating that I'm not a Gov. Hassan supporter for a variety of political and leadership reasons. I can tell you that I haven't heard of one negative comment about Gov. Hassan including the Turkey Trip it was never mentioned. Actually, I'm finding that most voters are quite content with the way things are running here in New Hampshire.