Quite Content. Yes Indeed.

Previously, I had reported on my decision to withdraw or quit the race to be Grafton County Commissioner for District #2. Again this was for a combination or reasons but ultimately weighted by feedback that I got from the voters in this area of New Hampshire.

Feedback that says, "I generally content with the way New Hampshire is run."

And I'm stating this honestly, most people are content or at least understand why New Hampshire is New Hampshire. NH Trade Mission To Turkey. Status Update?

I'm not happy at the way things are run whether this is rising taxes in most categories, a declining tax base, increased soverignty from Massachusetts and the recent Gov. Hassan sponsored trade mission to Turkey.

And with the last thought in mind and lacking in better words, I think it would be really cool to get a status update on the trade mission to Turkey and what kinds of opportunity it will bring to the Granite State.

I'm picturing a briefing by Gov. Hassan and DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose discussing some capital based ideas and commerce related issues about what could be happening here.

Haven't seen it yet.