When Vultures Call.

I've reported on this before but yesterday I was reading a well written article in a Bangor, Maine area newspaper that I couldn't put down. Actually, I wished it was an indepth magazine article or a story on PBS Frontline and one that I think really captures what to me all layers of government is fast becoming:

A calling place for vultures. Vultures Pick Over A Carcass. This is quickly becoming a role of all forms of government.

The story went like this. The select board in Millinocket, Maine is owed some $650,000.00 in back property taxes from the Great Northern Paper Mill and they're "sick of it." So like any bureaucracy that wants money they chosen to try and get the money. In this case they've filed a tax lien against the paper machine(s) at the mill. The Great Northern Paper Mill is owned by Portsmouth, NH based Cate Street Capital.

So I'm reading this article and I decided to do some research into the mill itself. What a fascinating story. At least the history here and how this mill came to be. Also an example of capitalism works and builds a community instead of the other way around. Let's go back to the Millinocket Select board. What are their chances of collecting these property taxes now that a local tax lien has been placed on their machines which is the same thing as their cash flow? Great Northern Mill At Millonocket, Maine. Long Term Incredible History Here. But Government Doesn't Care About History. They Want The Money.

Good luck with that.

It will be like like a vulture trying to get some quality meat from an animal that is already dead.