I'm reading a really good book right now it's called: 1493 Uncovering The World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann.

Think economic development and creating jobs by slaves.

Think yellow fever and malaria from mosquitoes hiding in the hulls of ships from China laden with massive stores of sliver. From China. The world created by one Christopher Columbus.

Does history can and repeat itself? Oh yes.

Even here in New Hampshire.

I'm very critical of Gov. Hassan and everything her office has done and stands for, even more now with the breaking scandals in progress: from illegal campaign contributions to filming campaign TV ads from the corner office, with state employees on state time? And while I'm still on Gov. Hassan I'll leave this thought with a question: Is it effective for a Governor to be intervening in the Market Basket issue? I'm employed by a direct competitor to the Market Basket, and beyond my original stated bias I'm hearing more negative rumors: "that the politicians are doing in Concord." I'm assuming that this has to originate from the corner office.

I'd recommend 1493 not only is this a good book about the past is but an example of where we are likely headed....

At least in free trade terms. Including the slave part.