Not Liken and Liken.

There isn't a word "liken." But after watching Gov. Hassan the last two weeks I'm really liken Gov. Paul Lepage from Maine.

Gov. Hassan seems to spend her time and the re-election campaign devising ways to increase the scope and intervention powers of state government. State of Emergency over "spice" Do you know of anyone that has been impacted by this spice? Such a need for state government to "help" the citizens of this state. Now Gov. Hassan has decided to intervene in the Demolas workers issue, how many hours did she actually spend on this?

I'm also very frustrated by the Republican candidates that want to replace Gov. Hassan, I've looked at their websites nothing seems positioned in reality. Both Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway are more than willing to frame problems but both are lacking in finding real solutions.

More of the same.