An Image Of Better.

Sometimes I go to McDonald's not for the food which is manufactured garbage but to use the free WI-FI that is offered. Actually, I'm surprised that they even offer free WI-FI there seems to be few people that use it amongst the hordes of demographic populations that appear anxious to get their #5 which is the ever popular "Big Mac and Fries."

And there is some political content here as well.

Just for the fun of it I decided one busy afternoon to sip an ice coffee (only $1.00) and literally watch the various people doing what people do in McDonald's. And more specifically, I'm watching consumer behavior and how people are making the decision(s) as to what food to buy.

What I saw is what tells me that Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan and Scott Brown will prevail in the elections come November.

And why is this? The answer isn't exactly simple but it comes down to perception and an almost image of what people want and this has nothing to do with substance, quality, accomplishment and the future, it has to to do with "right here and right now." That impressive picture on the marquee only confirms what the consumer already wanted and will vote for regardless of what the reality is.

Sad but true.

Consumer Behavior doesn't emphasize quality over perception. Which is why I think both Gov. Hassan and Scott Brown will prevail come November

I'll do an example: McDonald's Hamburgers contain less than 60% real beef the rest of the food is simply by product, fat product and preservatives. How successful do you think the competition would be if they explained this to the consumer and that their hamburger was 90% real beef but to sell this hamburger the cost would be $4.50 more than what McDonald's charges? The answer is no.

Both experienced politicos in Maggie Hassan and Scott Brown know what the consumer wants and they've both done a quality job delivering it. Regardless of whether it's 60% beef (in Hassan's case it's more like 30%) and the consumer (voters) are going to buy this hamburger. This is where their opponents are failing: not only have they not explained to the voters about the poor quality of what the consumer is getting but how their product is really better.

And it will cost more, it has to another reason why McDonalds is as successful as it is.