Eye Candy, Corruption As Policy

About a month ago I finished my shift at the saltmine and really wanted to go over to Saratoga, New York for opening day at the historic racetrack. I settled for simulcasting at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH instead.

It would be just my luck that they weren't broadcasting Saratoga on this day....

So I decided to head over to the nearby Barnes & Noble Bookstore to see what I could find. And I ended up finding some really good eye candy which made me feel like it wasn't a waste of time and unleaded gasoline to come down here from northern/central New Hampshire.

They have really good magazines at Barnes & Noble and I ended up finding the July edition of Global Trade. And it's a glossy, in-depth magazine about this very topic. It's all about transportation, logistics, railroads, trucking, warehousing and Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), as a sampling of what appears. The ads in this magazine are as impressive as the magazine itself.

Then my reality had to creep in.... Gov. Hassan recently sponsored a trade mission to Turkey. I can only imagine what this was really about.

I was employed as an OTR Truck Driver based from a terminal in Conley, Georgia which is outside of Atlanta. My direct experience is that Georgia and it's politics and governance is the true definition of corruption. Actually, it is beyond corruption. When I was there, reading the local newspapers the former Gov. of Georgia has been under indictment for some five years, along with sitting and former members of U.S. Congress and the State Senate. Later I would hear: they can't prosecute if there are more criminals than prosecutors, and especially if the prosecutors are under criminal indictment themselves.

The Georgia Ports Authority has a interesting advertisement in Global Trade.

I kept reading, actually I'm really engrossed in it and in the centerpiece is the most glossy, thought provoking, impressive ad of them all!

Do Regional Trade Business in Turkey. Turkey Can Be Your Gateway To New Markets.  

This is right about the time Gov. Hassan and her appointed entourage and footmen were finished trotting over to Turkey terming it a "trade mission." I can only imagine what could have been accomplished here.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.