How To Create More Jobs In New Hampshire.

In early August I went on a mountain biking expedition on the northern trail from Scarborough to Portland, Maine. It was a good day and brought back many memories (positive,negative) of my time serving in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve there. The trail is paved and runs though the heart of the port on the South Portland side starting from Casco Bay Bridge past the Coast Guard base, some oil terminals and ending at what used to be an U.S. Army Air Corps training center and shipyard where the famous Liberty Ships were built during WW II.

Portland has come a long way, especially in the last 10 years. When I was there in the early 1990s the place was filled with economic deprivation and boarded up windows, especially on the waterfront. This has changed for the better...Trade Route From Portland, Maine to Canada. New Hampshire won't support a project like this.   Much better. 

After I finished my bike ride I headed down to the Portland Fish Exchange which is the clearinghouse for the commercial fisherman in this area of Maine. From my vantage point the commercial fisherman aren't doing nearly as bad as has been reported in the left leaning media.

From there I went over to the nearby International Marine Terminal and the operations of Emskip; which is a company based in Iceland that wants to move container based cargo from Portland via rail to Canada across northern New Hampshire and Vermont. There wasn't much activity on this day, alot of shipping companies schedule their sailing by day for nighttime arrival and loading/unloading at the port.  I'm looking at the terminal and the overhead cranes I'm thinking about politics and trade policy: this would be a good way to open new markets and create needed jobs.

But the political support for this Emskip project is going to have to be from Iceland, Maine and Vermont because they won't get any support from New Hampshire starting with the Office of Governor Maggie Hassan.  Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Working For Jobs. New Hampshire doesn't have leadership like this.