Who Is Mark Evans?

This morning I spent some time attempting to do some campaign research into Mark Evans from Berlin who is running an uncontested primary for the Republican nomination for State Senate District #1.

Evans will be opposed by Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeff Woodburn from Dalton.

Who exactly is this Mark Evans?     http://mark4office.com/

I'm really disappointed in the performance of Sen. Jeff Woodburn, especially his water carrying activities for Gov. Maggie "innovation economy" Hassan. However, using the limited information from the Evans campaign website am now believing that Woodburn will be there for another term. And not because of the strength of the Woodburn campaign but because the voters of Senate District #1 are not being offered anything.

Evans is a 1983 graduate of Profile High School (I didn't know him), he served in the National Guard in field artillery and is of an engineering background in education and work experience. At some point he became interested in "Chinese medicine" and healing and decided to move back to Berlin, N.H. from Denver, Colorado. Since moving to Berlin, Mr. Evans has held several different public arena offices and positions.  

His campaign website looks like a "cut and paste"preservation of constitutional rights, liberty and improving the economy of course. I'm glad he didn't say anything about an "innovation economy."

Perhaps this is enough?

Guess the question that I'm really asking here is a sense of what Mr. Evans would do if he is elected to State Senate District #1? And this would have to be above and beyond what Sen. Jeff Woodburn is already doing. It's still a distance before the November elections and alot of things can happen, but I don't see the Evans campaign being terribly successful here and this isn't an endorsement of Sen. Jeff Woodburn either.