A Write In Candidate.

Today I saw something that I hadn't seen in a long-time, if ever in NH state politics. An advertised write in candidate for State Senate District #1.

And I'm really pleased about this.

State Senate District #1 is currently occupied by Jeff Woodburn from Dalton. Without going into major detail, I think he has been a complete disappointment as a state senator. It's unfortunate that with his level of political experience in both Washington and Concord he didn't make the strategic choice to do more for his own district. Some examples include: PSNH Northern Pass, supporting a gas tax increase and the continual economic challenges that face the north country. It's much easier for Sen. Woodburn to simply to drift along, right behind Gov. Hassan.A write in candidate for state senate district #1. The voters of this district deserve something more than an appendage to Gov. Hassan office.

So there's a write in candidate, I don't even know which party. But this is really healthy, and says to me that I'm not the only one sick of the folksy press releases while nothing is being done!

Previously, I had written about the GOP likely candidate in Mark Evans from Berlin no information to report here.

After September 9th it's going to get rather interesting in this area of New Hampshire.