To Be Detached.

Politics is a tough business and it doesn't matter what the party or affiliation is.

At least in business there is the straight objective for a profit which affords at least some insulation from the elements. Of course there is always the money, which is a 'barrier to entry.' for candidates and anything involved in this field.

I think this video shows why Sen. Shaheen shouldn't be re-elected. The simple reason is detachment. And being apart and above the very constituancy that she is to be serving. Take a look at this video, specifically the body language, fake smiles of who I'm assuming to be the Shaheen daughters and the response "no" when asked if question(s) would be allowed in a public forum.

Of course it would have to be no why how dare those: "unwashed, ignorant people even ask such a question make them go away." This is my take on what was really said.

Sen. Shaheen has been in this business a long time, too long. And it is a challenge to come from the success, and power of Washington to a rural state facing some significant challenges.

But that is still what this position calls for.