A Stronger New Hampshire.

I'll state it upfront this is a speculation blog in which it will be laced with much of my own ideas about what is going to happen up here in State Senate District #1. A political race that grows more interesting by the day... 

The Democrat incumbent is Sen. Jeff Woodburn from Dalton who will win his primary on September 9th. He'll be vulnerable after this date.

The declared Republican candidate is Mark Evans from Berlin who from what I've been able to gather hasn't made a move except to file his papers with the Sect'ys of State's office. Now here is where it gets really interesting:

A write-in Republican candidate has emerged. http://www.dorothymcphaul.com/   It's Dorothy Mcphaul from Sugar Hill, NH. If this website is to be believed "a stronger New Hampshire may be in the future."

This primary is going to be interesting. And from my vantage point Sen. Woodburn hasn't done anything but coast for the last two years.

Forget about the voters and eventually the voters will forget about you.