Low Primary Turnout.

The turnout for the recent primary was reportedly low. Think statewide the average was 19%; it was in the single digits in many communities north of Concord.

Of course there has to be alot of speculation out there as to why the voter turnout was as low as it was. I have my own reason(s). And it has nothing to do with apathy. There can be an arguement made that most people are generally content with the way NH is running.I think this is a reason for the low turnout.

The first reason and the most important reason is that most people "are generally content" with the way life is in New Hampshire. It really doesn't matter whether this is Republican or Democrat or whoever is in control in the statehouse. The state is running, the roads are being plowed, the schools are open and the corner market sells daily newspapers and they also have a Friday prime rib special that can't be beat. I'm right over here on the Vermont border, and I'm not seeing an exodus of New Hampshire people moving to Vermont, on the contrary every Vermonter that I come into contact with always has complementary things to say about NH. And they want to move over here.

Voter ID.  

This is a new law that is in place that I think actively discourages citizens to vote. I'm actually intimidated by the fact that I have to present a photo ID and state my name before I can vote. And I know some of the individuals and the Town Clerk at the voting station that are making me do this. Imagine how it must be for an individual who is new to the area or doesn't like interaction with authority figures or public officials.

Voting becomes nothing more than a nuisance.