Not Content With This.

In a past, more recent blog I've made the statement that most people are content with the way NH is running. I do think that if a study were done the results would bear this out. If there were a comparison with NH, Massachusetts and Connecticut-- the results would show that New Hampshire is still ahead in alot of areas.

I'm thinking in metrics like quaility of life, comparative taxation, crime, health, schools, etc.  Both Massachusetts and Connecticut are heavily taxed so of course their schools will offer mandarin Chinese and advanced calculus. But consider how much higher the taxes really are down there.

But I'm still not content with the way New Hampshire is running, I think more could be done in this state without more tax revenue coming into Concord.

This has to be a discussion about leadership.

In the meantime, this is a letter to the editor that I'm working on: It Could Be Much Better In New Hampshire

To The Editor:

  It's interesting to listen to Sen. Jeff Woodburn discuss optimism and his re-election campaign, especially with his record of failure across District#1.

  Northern NH is a challenging region many of the resources available in the southern tier are not here. This is both good and bad. A saying at town meetings, "If life is so much better in Massachusetts then why don't you go there." This is good advise. Elected officials need to understand this.

  Sen. Woodburn doesn't understand this. Consider his voting record for the increased and unneeded gas tax, inaction on the PSNH Northern Pass and his continual if not slavish support for Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan and the NH innovation economy. A socialistic scheme that increases the size and intrusion of state government at the direct expense to the taxpayer. Just like what is done in Massachusetts.