The $15.00 Liveable Wage Shill.

Across the county many fast-food workers are demanding and in some cases striking over the issue of wages.

Backed by the Democratic party and it's operatives, the demand is $15.00 an hour for a so called "liveable wage." The arguement goes that if the workers are paid more this will make everything better, including many of the social and economic deprivation scenes that appear in ever increasing statistics across the U.S.

Even here in New Hampshire there is the same type of argument, elected officials like Gov. Hassan continue to tout the idea of an "innovation economy" featuring higher wages, advanced technical training and a school system that emphasizes science, technology, engineering and mathmatics. What Gov. Hassan doesn't say is exactly what the cost is, where these funds are going to come from and ulimately what and innovation economy does for New Hampshire. The plight of the worker is a subject troglodyte blogger Susan The Bruce likes to whimper and whine about. Especially, those bad large corporations like the coal companies that actually pay a liveable wage.

This is all going to fail and it's going to fail miserably.

If the workers are unhappy now wait until they see what is coming next:

A company called Momentum Machines which is a partial consortuim between Stanford University and major corporations is set to roll out a robotic based machine that can produce quality hamburgers and food items at a rate of 360 an hour. This translates into a hamburger every 10 seconds. It costs roughly $7.00 an hour to run the machinery with no overtime, no healthcare premiums, no workman's comp and no "liveable wage of $15.00 an hour."Democratic Party supports liveable wages and innovation economies. This is end of fast food worker right here.

So not only will the workers not get a liveable wage they'll be out of a job. Unemployed.  

The only real question now is how this unemployment statistic effects the various economies where it hits. I'd be willing to guess the increase to the NH welfare state go up between 22-27% it might even hit 30%. Companies like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, etc. employ on average 32 full-time and part-time workers whose work will no longer be needed.

I'm confident that the Democratic Party, Gov. Hassan and the wine and cheese crowd will have a response to all of this. "They can be retrained."  They'll say.

All at a liveable wage of course.