When The Taxpayers Win.

Spent part of the morning researching an unfounded rumor. In any case the rumor went like this: The paper mill in Gorham, New Hampshire's last surviving paper manufacturer has reportedly gone through significant challenges ranging from market conditions, to fuel prices and finally the basis of the rumor: being over-valued and overtaxed by both the NH Department of Revenue Administration and the Town of Gorham.

And what I heard which I can't confirm is that New Hampshire Public Radio reported that the mill owner had appealed both of its tax assessments before the Board of Tax and Land Appeals; and they prevailed they won!!!!

With the judgement resulting in not only the return of some $4.7 million dollars of overpayment and the removal of tax liens and interest penalities. Hearing this I immediately went over to the BTLA website looking for the case and found nothing. I also looked on the NHPR website for any information about this tax case nothing there either.

This is the problem in listening to "rumors" but it would still be good if the taxpayer could win.